Fellows Program

The Davis Center's Fellows Program brings together scholars at early and later stages in their careers to consider a common theme spanning the social sciences and humanities. Each year, a team of faculty affiliates coordinates this theme and leads a regular interdisciplinary seminar series in which Fellows participate, with advanced graduate students and invited speakers, in addition to pursuing their own research.

Current Fellows

The 2013-2014 scholars come from 13 countries, from as near as New London, Connecticut, and as far Astana, Kazakhstan. The theme for 2013-2014 is “Subjectivities and Identities in Eurasia,” which promotes the examination of a range of theoretical approaches and case studies, with an eye to gaining a greater understanding of where the work of constructing personal, ethnic, religious, sexual, or national identity happens (in domestic, public, textual and virtual spaces) and what factors constrain, promote, and shape that work. Read more about our current fellows here.

How to Apply

The application period for 2014-2015 fellowships runs from October 1, 2013–January 7, 2014. The Fellows Program Committee is interested in applications from scholars currently working on the 2014-2015 theme, "Mapping Cultural Space," or equally, those working on unrelated themes, but who are interested in exploring the theme. (Note that scholars whose work does not address the selected theme are encouraged to apply for fellowships at the Davis Center, and their applications will receive full consideration.) The 2014–2015 Fellows Program Application is now available here.  The application and all supporting documents are due January 7, 2014.

Themes We Explore

Since 2011, the Fellows Program has brought together scholars to focus on a particular theme each year. Learn more about our past, current, and future program themes here.