Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force

Focus: Islamic History and Law
September 1, 2019 – November 30, 2019 (up to 14 hours/week)

Position Title

Part-time Research Assistant with the Negotiation Task Force at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University


The Negotiation Task Force (NTF) at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University promotes innovative solutions to Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security challenges by creating spaces for cross-cultural negotiation research, training, and strategic analysis. We pioneer new models for high-impact knowledge dissemination, train practitioners in advanced negotiation skills, and build long-term conflict management capacity.


Your research will focus on the history of The Hijaz (western day Saudi Arabia and home to Mecca and Medina) and the Middle East from 1500 until the inception of the League of Nations, as well as on Islamic history, Colonial and Western relations with political regimes in the region, and international legal history and constitutional issues. You will work directly with Prof. Dr. Malik R. Dahlan, Senior Mediation Fellow with the Negotiation Task Force, Professor of International Law and Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London, and a leading Middle East law and policy expert, with ongoing major Oxford International Law research work including a forthcoming Brill encyclopedia submission.

Reports to

Prof. Dr. Malik Dahlan (Senior Mediation Fellow, Davis Center Negotiation Task Force)

Start Date

September 1, 2019

End Date

November 30, 2019


Up to 14 hours per week


$14.00/hour Undergraduate Students; $17.00/hour Graduate Students & others

Knowledge and Skills


  • Knowledge of and interest in the history of the Middle East
  • Strong ability to understand and apply fundamental methods in social sciences
  • Ability to demonstrate an acute understanding of international law
  • Excellent writing skills and excellent command of the English language
  • Great attention to detail and academic rigor in research and writing
  • Ability to adhere to strict deadlines
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others


  • Law degree or relevant legal background
  • Fluency in Arabic
  • Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation and transliteration proficiency


Current graduate or PhD students preferred. Qualified recent graduates as well as exceptionally qualified undergraduate students are encouraged to apply as well.


  • Conduct archival research
  • Read and process large amounts of literature
  • Review, research, organize, and summarize literature
  • Analyze encyclopedia, treaty, primary, and secondary sources
  • Edit, revise, and proofread texts
  • Submit weekly progress reports to supervisor


Please submit the following to

  1. Letter of motivation
  2. CV
  3. Writing sample

Application deadline

August 28, 2019