Aidai Masylkanova


Special Assistant to the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in South Sudan, United Nations Mission in South Sudan


Aidai Masylkanova is a Kyrgyz national. She is formerly a Counterterrorism Network Coordinator of the OSCE (Vienna, Austria). She has served in field missions of the OSCE and the United Nations, including in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Moldova, Armenia and South Sudan. She holds a Master’s degree from the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University. She has initiated community projects in her native Kyrgyzstan and Jordan that help raising awareness of the environmental issues, promote volunteerism and active participation of the communities in government's policy making. She is the author of a book "Three girls, Three worlds. Growing up in the USSR".

Peace and security; Terrorism; Elections and democracy; The role of community initiatives to prevent radicalization
Current Project
Radicalization and Root Causes of Terrorism in Eurasia
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, International Affairs
, International Security
, Columbia University
Selected Publications

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