Alla Baranovsky


Ph.D. Candidate in Government, Harvard University

Graduate Student Associate
Russia's involvement in information wars; mass media in post-Soviet Russia; origins of welfare states.
Current Project
"The determinants of information wars: Russia's attempts to influence public opinion abroad." What factors cause information attacks between states? An extension of the security dilemma would argue that factors within the attacking state (fears, anxieties, buildup of resources etc) explain the attacks. But while this explains the eventual occurrence of the attack, the timing and the intensity of the attack are best explained by factors within the target states. These factors are a polarized political environment; an open mass media market; a pivotal historic event; and the target state's awareness of the attacking state's plans. These factors combine in various ways to determine when a country decides to attack. I test this theory using the cases of Russia's information attacks in Georgia, Ukraine, USA in 2016 and France in 2017.
Foreign Language


, Regional Studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia
, Harvard University