Andrea Lanoux


Associate Professor of Slavic Studies, Connecticut College

Center Associate

Andrea Lanoux is chair of the Department of Slavic Studies at Connecticut College. She has published on Russian and Polish Romanticism, gender and national identity, Tolstoy, Mickiewicz, Sokhanskaia, the contemporary Polish women's press, in addition to numerous reviews and translations. She is currently writing a co-authored book (with Kelly Herold of Grinnell College) on post-Soviet children's literature.

Russian and Polish literatures and cultures
gender studies in Slavic cultures
nationalism and nationhood studies
literary canon formation
post-Soviet children's literature.
Current Project
Russian Children's Literature after Communism
Foreign Language


, Slavic Languages and Literatures
, Connecticut College
Selected Publications

Gender and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Russian Culture. Co-edited with Helena Goscilo. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2006.

Od narodu do kanonu: Powstawanie kanonów polskiego i rosyjskiego romantyzmu w latach 1815-1865 [From Nation to Canon: The Formation of the Polish and Russian Romantic Canons, 1815-1865]. Warsaw: Instytut Badan Literackich, 2003.

“Girlfriend, Your Style has a Splinter: Polish Women’s Magazines after 1989.” In Poles Apart: Women in Modern Polish Culture. Edited by Helena Goscilo, Bozena Shallcross and Beth Holmgren. Indiana: Slavica, 2006.

“Anna Karenina through Film.” In Approaches to Teaching Anna Karenina. MLA Approaches to Teaching to World Literature. Edited by Liza Knapp and Amy Mendelker. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2003. 180–86.

“Canonizing the Wieszcz: The Subjective Turn in Polish Textbooks of the Early 1860s.” Slavic and East European Journal 45:4 (winter 2001): 624–40. Revised and reprinted as “Kanonizacja wieszcza. Zwrot subiektywny w polskiej biografii literackiej w latach szescdziesiatych dziewietnastego wieku.” In Polonistyka po amerykansku : badania nad literatura polska w Ameryce Pólnocnej (1990-2005). Ed. Halina Filipowicz, Andrzej Karcz, Tamara Trojanowska. Warsaw: Instytut Badan Literackich PAN, 2005.