Asher Orkaby

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Lecturer, Harvard Extension School, Tufts University

Center Associate
Soviet Grand Strategy during Cold War-era Middle East conflicts
Current Project
"Cold War Chemical Weapons in the Middle East"
Foreign Language


, History
, Harvard University
Selected Publications

Beyond the Arab Cold War: The International History of the Yemen Civil War (Oxford UP, 2017).

"The North Yemen Civil War and the Failure of the Federation of South Arabia," Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 53 (2017), 69-83.

"The 1964 Israeli Airlift to Yemen and the Expansion of Weapons Diplomacy," Diplomacy and Statecraft, Vol. 26 Is. 4 (2015), 659-677.

"A Passing Generation of Yemeni Politics," Crown Center for Middle East Studies – Middle East Brief, Vol. 90 (2015).

"The Yemeni Civil War: The Final British-Egyptian Imperial Battleground," Middle Eastern Studies Vol. 51 Is. 2 (2015), 195-207.