Daniel Shapiro

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A.M. Candidate in Regional Studies—REECA

Graduate Student Associate

Daniel Shapiro graduated in 2018 from Brown University, where he worked as a Russian language tutor and concentrated in political science and Russian. His senior thesis focused on the Ramzan Kadyrov regime and Chechnya’s path to post-conflict stabilization. Daniel also has interned at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, writing a lengthy research guide on the Russian military-industrial complex, and has researched Russian politics at Transparency International-Russia and the U.S. Naval War College. His main research interests center around contemporary Russian politics, with special focuses on Moscow’s relations with the North and South Caucasus and on Russian public/private sector relations. Daniel also works for the Belfer Center's Russia Matters Project.

Contemporary Russian politics; Russian public/private sector relations; the North and South Caucasus.
Current Project
Meet the New Russians: How Tomorrow’s Russian “Американисты” Conceptualize the United States
Foreign Language


, Slavic Studies and Political Science
, Brown University