Elizaveta Kuznetsova


Research Fellow, City University of London


Elizaveta Kuznetsova is a research fellow at the Centre for International Policy Analysis at City, University of London. Prior to completing her PhD in International Relations, she studied and worked in journalism in Russia and the UK. Working at the intersection of International Relations and Media Studies, Elizaveta specializes in public diplomacy, Russian foreign policy and its international 24-hour broadcaster RT (formerly, Russia Today). Through comparative analyses of RT and CNN, she has developed a theory of counter-framing. In the academic year 2019-20 at Boston University, Elizaveta explored Soviet roots in Russia’s contemporary propaganda abroad. In the academic year 2020-21 at the Davis Center, she will work on her project The Art of Disruption: Russian Interference and Social Media that focuses on Russia’s international influence online and how citizen engagement reinforces these practices.

Russia; Propaganda; Soft Power; Public Diplomacy; Russian Foreign Policy; Framing and Counter-framing; Russian Media
Current Project
The Art of Disruption: Russian Interference and Social Media
Foreign Language


, International Relations
, University of London
Selected Publications

2018 | ‘Framing and Counter-framing in World Politics: The Case Study of Russian International Broadcasting, RT’, PhD thesis, City, University of London, http://openaccess.city.ac.uk/20909

2018 | ‘RT and the Ideological Vacuum in Russia’.Diplomatisches Magazin, IFAIR Section, https://www.diplomatisches-magazin.de/en/article/ifair-rt-und-das-ideolo...