Gayane Novikova

Gayane Novikova

Founding Director and Senior Researcher, Center for Strategic Analysis, Yerevan, Armenia

Center Associate
Current Project
Eurasia's Ethno-political and Political-military Conflicts as a Tool in Russia's Interaction with its Immediate Neighbors
Foreign Language


Candidate of Sciences
, Modern History
Selected Publications

The Conflict Potential of the South Caucasus: The Geopolitical Dimension. Center for Strategic Analysis Spectrum, Yerevan, 2011. 232 pages.

The Policy of the United States in the South Caucasus. In: European Security and Defence, Issue 4, 2019.

Armenia: Some Features of Internal (In)Stability. In: Caucasus Survey, 5:2, London, 2017, pp. 177-194

Reconciling the EU with the Eurasian Union: A Pragmatic Approach. In: Towards Europe? Straddling Fault Lines and Choosing Sides in the South Caucasus. Ernst Felderbauer and Frederic Labarre (Ed.) National Defence Academy Press, Vienna, 2015; pp 51-61

Armenia-Turkey-Azerbaijan: Bound to Each Other. In: OstEuropa, 65 Jg, 7-10, Berlin, 2015; pp. 427-441