Gregory Feifer


Editor, Agence France Presse

Center Associate

Gregory Feifer is a journalist who reported from Moscow for National Public Radio and other outlets for almost a decade. He is author of Russians: The People Behind the Power and The Great Gamble, a history of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and has written for numerous publications, including Foreign Affairs, POLITICO and The Washington Post.

foreign relations
former Soviet Union and how Russians perceive the West
Current Project
RECKONING: How America Lost Control of its Image in the Age of Post-Globalization
Foreign Language


, Regional Studies Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia
, Harvard University
Selected Publications

Russians: The People Behind the Power (Twelve, 2014).

The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan (HarperCollins, 2009).

Spy Handler: Memoir of a KGB Officer, The True Story of the Man who Recruited Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, by former KGB colonel Victor Cherkashin with Gregory Feifer (Basic Books, 2005).

"Putin s Patriotism Playbook: What s Russian Nationalism Got to Do With It?" Foreign Affairs, February 18, 2016,

with Brian Whitmore, "The Velvet Surrender: Russia Reconquers the Czechs" The New Republic, September 23, 2010,