György Péteri

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Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Center Associate
Modern and contemporary history of Hungary and East Central Europe
Current Project
"Soft Power Within: Essays on the Social-Cultural History of the Party-State Apparatus Class in Kádárist Hungary. 1956-1980"
Foreign Language


Dr. habil.
, Economic History
, Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University
Selected Publications

"The Prince and the Savant: Political Change and Social Knowledge in Late Modern Hungary", East Central Europe vol. 44, nr. 2-3 (2017)

"External Politics -- Internal Rivalries. Social Science Scholarship and Political Change in Communist Hungary", East Central Europe, vol 44, nr. 2-3 (2017)

Global Monetary Regime and National Central Banking: The Case of Hungary, 1921–1929 (Center for Hungarian Studies and Publications, 2002).

"Contested Socialisms: the conflict between critical sociology and reform economics in communist Hungary, 1967-71," Social History Vol. 41, No. 3 (June 2016): 249-266.

Alternative Modernity? Everyday Practices of Elite Mobility in Communist Hungary, 1956-1980, in: Lewis Siegelbaum, ed., The Socialist Car: Automobility in the Eastern Bloc (Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, 2011), 47-68.

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