Halyna Hryn


Editor, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University

Center Associate
Ukrainian literature of the early Soviet period, particularly the political and artistic debates as expressed in the journals
relationship between the 1920s Russian and Ukrainian literary movements
European modernism as reflected in Soviet culture
Current Project
"Literaturnyi iarmarok" and the Decade of the 1920s


, Slavic Languages and Literatures
, University of Toronto
Selected Publications

The Literary Fair: Ukrainian Modernism s Defining Moment (Krytyka, forthcoming 2018).

Mediation Between Nativist Tradition and Western Culture, in Ukraine and Europe: Cultural Alternatives, Encounters and Negotiations, ed. Giovanna Brogi, Marko Pavlyshyn, and Serhii Plokhy (University of Toronto Press, forthcoming 2018).

Iohansen s Journeys: Ukraine s First Formalist Novel, in _____: Essays presented in Honor of George G. Grabowicz on His Seventieth Birthday, ed. Roman Koropeckyj et al. (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2014), 377 393.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex, Translation of Oksana Zabuzhko s Ukrainian-language novel Pol ovi doslidzhennia z ukra ns koho seksu (AmazonCrossing, 2011).

Hunger By Design: The Great Ukrainian Famine in Its Soviet Context, editor, Harvard Papers in Ukrainian Studies (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2008).