Igor Istomin


Associate Professor, MGIMO University

Davis Senior Scholar

Igor Istomin is an Associate Professor, Department of Applied International Political Analysis, and Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory for Analysis of International Processes at MGIMO University. He has presented at multiple foreign institutions, such as Columbia University, Fletcher School at Tufts University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, and Jilin University (China). Igor Istomin is the author of more than 70 academic publications (in Russian and English) on Russian and US foreign policy, Euro-Atlantic matters and international security. He is also a regular contributor to media and think tank debates (such as European Leadership Network, Russian International affairs Council and Valdai International Discussion Club).

Russian-American relations; Russian foreign policy; US foreign policy; Foreign policy analysis; International relations theory; Political ideology; Great power politics; Threat perception; Euro-Atlantic order
Current Project
The Role of Non-Forcible Political Interference in Adversarial Threat Perceptions: Perspectives from Moscow and Washington
Foreign Language


Candidate of Sciences
, Political Science
, Moscow State Institute of International Affairs (MGIMO)