Janet Vaillant


Independent Scholar

Center Associate
Russian political culture
Russian education
versions of the past as justification for present and future.
Current Project
"Tales of Contemporary Russia"
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, Government
, Harvard
Selected Publications

Itstoriia Rossie 1945-2008 11 Klass, Uchebnik dliia uchashchikhsia obshchebobrazovatel'nikh uchershdenii, Ed.A. Danilov, A.I. Utkin and A.V. Filippov, Moscow: Prosveshchenie, 2008. And Noveishchaia istoriia Rossii 1945-2006--6gg,: Kniga dliia uchitel'ia. A.V.Filippov, Moscow, Proveshchenie, 2008. Review in Slavic Review. Vol. 69, No. 3 (winter 2010) pp. 782-783.

" Perevod Kul'turnogo konteksta: mezhdunharodnii opit e mestnaya praktika" (The Translation of Cultural Context)" in Proceedings of Conference "Tendentsii razvitiia obrazovaniia: 20 let reform, shto dal'she?" (Tendencies in the development of education: 20 years of education reforms, what further?) Moscow 2009.

"Civic Education In A Changing Russia," in Ben Eklof et al. eds., Education Reform in Post-Soviet Russia, London and New York, (Frank Cass), 2005, pp. 221-246.

"Revised...Again: The Politics of History" in Perspective, vol. IV, no. 4 (June-July 2004), pp. 1, 7-11.

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