Kelly O’Neill


Associate Professor of History, Harvard University

Executive Committee,
Faculty Associate

Kelly O'Neill's teaching and research interests revolve around the history of the Russian empire prior to 1917. She is particularly interested in the methods and meaning of imperial rule in the southern borderlands in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the politics of architectural space, and Russian-Ottoman encounters in the Black Sea region. Her current manuscript project examines social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of the integration of the Crimean Khanate into the empire. She is also working on the development of the wine industry in Russia's Black Sea provinces and its links to broader processes of agricultural modernization, transnational exchanges of scientific knowledge, and empire-building. A product of the Davis Center’s Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies program, she is currently an associate professor of history at Harvard University.

Imperial Russia;
economy and trade in the Black Sea;
historical GIS.
Current Project
Bounty: A History of Russian Maritime Economies


, History
, Harvard University
Selected Publications

"Between Subversion and Submission: the Integration of the Crimean Khanate into the Russian Empire, 1783–1853," Ph.D. Dissertation (Harvard University, 2006).