Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova

Program Manager, University of Massachusetts Boston

Center Associate
Interdisciplinary Education
Energy Policies in Developing Countries
public policies
renewable energy technologies
Current Project
Promoting Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: Understanding Policies and Tools for Renewable Energy Policy Implementation
Foreign Language


, Environmental Science
, Oregon State University
Selected Publications

Ruseva, Tatyana & Maria Petrova, (2019) Forthcoming Book Chapter Implementing the EU Renewable Energy Policy Targets: Case Evidence from Bulgaria in Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development. Peter Yang, (Ed.) IGI Global.

Steger, Cara, Shana Hirsch, Benjamin Branoff, Maria Petrova, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Chloe Wardropper, and Carena J. van Riper (2018) Ecosystem Services as Boundary Objects for Transdisciplinary Collaboration, Ecological Economics, Vol 143, Pages 153-160.

Petrova, Maria (2017) Book Review: The Renewable Energy Landscape: Preserving Scenic Values in our Sustainable Future, D. Apostol, J. Palmer, M. Pasqualetti, R. Smardon, R. Sullivan (Eds.). Routledge, New York, NY (2016) Energy Research & Social Science Vol 5, Pages 78–79.

Petrova, Maria (2016) From NIMBY to acceptance: Toward a novel framework — VESPA — for organizing and interpreting community concerns, Renewable Energy, Vol 86, Pages 1280 – 1294.

Petrova, Maria (2013) NIMBY-ism Revisited: Public Perceptions of Wind Energy In the United States, Review Article, Vol. 4 (6). Wiley’s Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, Pages 575-601.