Musya Glants


Independent Scholar

Center Associate
Stylistic developments in Russian painting and sculpture from the 19th century realism to the present time.
Current Project
"Jewish Artists in Russian Art and Culture from the Turn of the 19th Century to the Fall of the USSR."
Foreign Language


, Philosophy, estetics, art history
, Leningrad State University, Leningrad, USSR
Selected Publications

"Where Is My Home? The Art and Life of the Russian-Jewish Sculptor Mark Antokolsky, 1843-1902". Lexington Books. A Division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2010.

"Jewish Life After the USSR", ed. Zvi Gitelman, Musya Glants, Marshall Goldman. Indiana University Press, 2003.

"Food In Russian History and Culture", Ed. Musya Glants, Joce Toomre, Indiana University Press, 1997.

"Experiment/___________, A Journal of Russian Culture", v. 18, ed. Musya Glants, Marie Turbow, and Wendy Salmond. Briil, 2013.

American Curator on the "The Hermitage. A Russian Odyssey." A three-volume series as seen on PBS. " (The Christian Science Publishing Society, 1994.