Nadia Boyadjieva


Professor of International Law and International Relations, Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Visiting Scholar

Professor Nadia Boyadjieva, D.Sc., obtained an M.A. in History from Sofia University and an M.A. in Law from the New Bulgarian University. She completed her Ph.D. at Sofia University in 1999 with a dissertation on U.S. policy toward the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2016 she  is a Full Professor at the Balkan Studies Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In addition to her posts at the Institute of Balkan Studies, she has been a full professor of international law and international relations (since 2013) and chair of the Department of Comparative and International Law at Plovdiv University since 2012 and retains those positions even after moving to the Institute of Balkan Studies as her primary affiliation.

She received her D.Sc. in Law (International Law and International Relations) in 2017.

She was a NATO/EAPC fellow, a John F. Kennedy Institute fellow (Free University of Berlin), a Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Fellow (Sweden), a Senior Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Cold War Studies Center (Harvard University, USA), a Black Sea Security program fellow (Kennedy School, Harvard University), an Advanced Study of Nonviolent Conflict fellow (Fletcher School, Tufts University), and an Open Society Archive fellow (Hungary). She has worked in the Russian State Archive of Recent History, the Russian State Archive of Social-Political History, the Archive of the Gorbachev Foundation, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Archive at the University of Texas, and the Hoover Institution Archive at Stanford University.

International relations
United States and Russia on the Balkans
NATO-Russia relations
Cold war
CIS:international security systems
EU-Russia relations
European security
conflict resolution
military alliances
international law
human rights and minority issues
international organizations
Current Project
U.S. Policy, NATO-Russian Relations, and the Changing Security Environment in Europe, 2000-2014


, Law (International Law and International Relations)
, Sofia University
Selected Publications

International Relations, (Albatross Publishers, 2017), 660 p. (In Bulgarian, Summary in English and in Russian)

NATO, Russia and the Security Environment after the Cold War, Part One (1989-1999), (Daniela Ubenova Publishers, 2013), pp.384 (In Bulgarian with Summary in English and in Russian)

The United States and the Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1989-1995), (Daniela Ubenova Publishers, 2000), 432 pp. (In Bulgarian, summary in English)

"NATO on the Balkans: Patterns of Peace-keeping in the Post-Cold War Era (the Cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo)." Final Report of a NATO/EAPC 2001-2003, available at NATO/EAPC website:"

"The Impact of the Cold War on the Origins and Evolution of International Human Rights Regimes,” in Krakowskie Studia Midzynarodowe (Kraków), Vol. 3, No. 6 (2009), pp. 47-58.