Nadiya Kostyuk


Pre-doctoral Fellow, Cybersecurity Project, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School

Center Associate
Current Project
Determinants of State Military Cyber Capacity
Foreign Language


, Political Science
Selected Publications

Kostyuk, Nadiya and Yuri M. Zhukov. "Invisible Digital Front: Can low-level cyber operations shape battlefi eld events?,"Journal of Conflict Resolution 1-31, 2017

Kostyuk, Nadiya, Powell Scott, and Matthew Skach. “Determinants of the Cyber Escalation Ladder," Cyber Defense Review, forthcoming (Summer '18)

Kostyuk, Nadiya. “International and Domestic Challenges to Comprehensive National Cybersecurity: A case study of the Czech Republic," Journal of Strategic Security, no. 1: 68-82, 2013.

Kostyuk, Nadiya. “The Digital Prisoner's Dilemma: Transnational Dimensions of Cybersecurity and Opportunities for Cooperation," Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013.

McConnell, Bruce, Austin, Greg, Kostyuk, Nadiya & Eric Cappon. “A Measure of Restraint in Cyberspace: Reducing Risk to Civilian Nuclear Assets," Prepared for the Munich Security Conference, EastWest Institute, 2014.