Nargis Kassenova

Nargis Kassenova

Senior Fellow, Program on Central Asia | Associate Professor, KIMEP University

Senior Fellow

Nargis Kassenova is Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies, Director of Central Asian Studies Center (CASC) and China and Central Asia Studies Center (CCASC) of KIMEP University (Almaty, Kazakhstan). She holds a PhD in International Cooperation Studies from Nagoya University (Japan). She is a member of the Advisory group of the EU Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM), member of the Academic Council of the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC), member of the Advisory Board of SenECA (Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia Relations) project, and of the Advisory Board of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) Eurasia Program, and Senior Fellow with the Program on Central Asia.

Eurasian politics and geopolitics; Kazakhstan's foreign policy; Governance in Eurasia; Islam and state-society relations
Current Project
China's Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia: Tracing Changes in Domestic, Regional and Global Economic Governance
Foreign Language
Selected Publications

“Kazakhstan: Islamic Revival and Trajectories of State-Society Relations”, Religion, Stability, and Conflict in the Former Soviet Union, edited by Katya Migacheva and Bryan Frederick, RAND Corporation, 2018

“Kazakhstan and Eurasian Economic Integration: Quick Start, Mixed Results and Uncertain Future” in Eurasian Economic Integration: Law, Policy and Politics, edited by Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolszuk, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2013;

“Kazakhstan’s Policy Toward Afghanistan: Context, Drivers and Outcomes” in Afghanistan and Its Neighbors After the NATO Withdrawal”, edited by Christian Bleuer, Lexington Books, 2016;

“EU-Central Asia Bilateral Cooperation” in The European Union in Central Asia, edited by Alexander Warkotch, Routledge Taylor & Francis, 2010;

“China as an Emerging Donor in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan” in Russie.Nei.Visions 2009. Understanding Russia and the New Independent States, edited by Thomas Gomart and Tatiana Kastueva-Jean, Paris: Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI), 2009