Nikolay Valkov


Member, Macedonian Scientific Institute

Center Associate

Dr. Valkov explored the relationship between associational life and democracy in post-Communist Europe. His doctoral dissertation was published in the form of articles and his findings were presented as papers at the annual meetings of APSA, ISA, and ASEEES. He received a post-doctoral grant from the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture to continue the study of civil society in communist countries at Yale and Harvard. He also contributes to the Project on Cold War Studies.

Comparative politics
International relations
Current Project
"The Soviet Union, Balkan Communist parties, and the Macedonian Question during the Cold War"
Foreign Language


, Political Science
, Université de Montréal
Selected Publications

“Membership in Voluntary Organizations and Democratic Performance: European post-Communist Countries in Comparative Perspective,” Communist and Post-Communist Studies 42, no. 1, (2009): 1-21.

“Associational Culture in Pre-communist Bulgaria: Considerations for Civil Society and Social Capital”. Voluntas 20, no.4 (2009): 424-447. Available online at: