Peter Rutland


Colin and Nancy Campbell Professor in Global Issues and Democratic Thought, Wesleyan University

Center Associate
Russian political economy; national identity; theories of nationalism.
Current Project
Seeing like a nation: Visualizing nationalism in Russia and beyond.
Foreign Language


, Sociology
, University of York
Selected Publications

‘The place of economics in Russian national debates,’ in Pal Kolsto and Helge Blakkisrud (eds.) Russian Nationalism Before and After Crimea (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2015).

‘Petronation? Oil. gas and national identity in Russia,’ Post-Soviet Affairs, 31: 1, Jan 2015, 66-89.

‘Explaining Pussy Riot,’ Nationalities Papers, 42: 4, July 2014, 575-82.

‘Looking back at Brezhnev,’ Russian History, 41: 3, Sept 2014, 299-306 (with Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock).

‘Neoliberalism in Russia,’ Review of International Political Economy, 20: 2, April 2013, 332-362.