Priscilla Hunt


Research Associate at University of Massachussetts, Five Colleges Inc.

Center Associate
Pre-modern and medieval Russian culture, and iconography
problems of modernization as evident in 17th century Russia
the writings and mythology of the Archpriest Avvakum
Current Project
"Mysticism and Messianism in Early Russian Culture "


, Slavic Languages and Literatures
, Stanford University
Selected Publications

"The Fool and Tsar: The Vita of Andrew of Constantinople and Russian Urban Holy Foolishness, Novgorodskii Istoricheskii Sbornik," ed. V.L. Ianin and E.A. Gordienko (St. Petersburg: “Dmitri Bulanin,” 2012), v. 13 (23), 185-273.

"Premudrost’ v Zhitii protopopa Avvakuma (The Wisdom in the Vita of the Archpriest Avvakum)" in Kniga i literatura v kul’turnom prostranstve epokh (XI-X vv.), ed. O.N. Fokina, V. N. Alekseev (Novosibirsk, GPNTB SO RAN, 2011), 869-906.

"The Wisdom Iconography of Light: The Genesis, Meaning and Iconographic Realization of a Symbol," Byzantinoslavica 67 (2009), 55-118.

"The Theology in Avvakum’s “Life” and His Polemic with the Nikonians," The New Muscovite Cultural History, eds. M. Flier, V. Kivelson, N. S. Kollman, K. Petrone (Bloomington, In: Slavica, 2009), 125-140.

"Confronting the End: The Interpretation of the Last Judgment in a Novgorod Wisdom Icon," Byzantinoslavica, 65 (2007), 275-325.