Rebecca Gould

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Professor, Islamic World and Comparative Literature, University of Birmingham

Center Associate
comparative literature
postcolonial studies
world literature
translation studies
Muslim migration
methodologies of comparison
Political Theory
literatures of the Caucasus
Current Project
"Narrating Catastrophe: Forced Migration from Colonialism to Postcoloniality in the Caucasus"
Foreign Language


, Comparative Literature
, Columbia University
Selected Publications

Writers and Rebels: The Literature of Insurgency in the Caucasus (Yale UP, 2016).

“Ijtihād against Madhhab: Legal Hybridity and the Meanings of Modernity in Early Modern Daghestan,” Comparative Studies in Society and History 57(1): 35-66 (2015).

“The Geographies of ʿAjam: The Circulation of Persian Poetry from South Asia to the Caucasus,” The Medieval History Journal 18(1): 87-119. (2015).

“Secularism and Belief in Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge,” Journal of Islamic Studies 22(3): 339-373 (2011).

“Why Daghestan is Good to Think: Moshe Gammer, Daghestan, and Global Islamic History," in Written Culture in Daghestan, ed. Moshe Gammer (Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, 2015), 17-40.