Stanislav Markus


Associate Professor of International Business, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Center Associate

Stanislav Markus examines the strategies of business to protect its property rights and maximize rents, especially in Russia and Ukraine. He researches the interactions between business and state actors, and the impact of such interactions on institutional development, economic reform, and state-building.

Russian and Ukrainian political economy; state-business relations; property rights; lobbying; rule of law; economic reform.
Current Project
Oligarchs and Property Rights in Eurasia


, Government
, Harvard University
Selected Publications

Property, Predation, and Protection: Piranha Capitalism in Russia and Ukraine. (Cambridge University Press: 2015). * Winner of the 2016 Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research

"The Flexible Few: Oligarchs and Wealth Defense in Developing Democracies," Comparative Political Studies, 2017, 50 (12): 1632-65. with Volha Charnysh.

“Secure Property as a Bottom-Up Process: Firms, Stakeholders, and Predators in Weak States,” World Politics, April 2012, 64 (2):  242-77. * Winner of the 2014 APSA Luebbert Award for Best Article in Comparative Politics

“Sovereign Commitment and Property Rights: the Case of Ukraine's Orange Revolution,” Studies in Comparative International Development, December 2016, 51 (4): 411-33.

“The Atlas That has Not Shrugged: Why Russia's Oligarchs are an Unlikely Force for Change,” Daedalus, Spring 2017, 146 (2): 101-112.