Stehn Mortensen


PhD Candidate, University of Bergen


Stehn Aztlan Mortensen is a PhD candidate in Russian Literature at the University of Bergen, Norway. His dissertation deals with posthumanism and the poetics of intoxication in the oeuvre of postmodernist writer Vladimir Sorokin, with emphasis on a selection of his later works: Blue Lard (1999), Day of the Oprichnik (2006), The Blizzard (2010) and Telluria (2013). He is affiliated with the Research Group for Contemporary Russia, and with Radical Philosophy and Literature at the University of Bergen, where he earned his MA in Russian literature in 2015 (thesis entitled “Refiguring the New Man: Animality and Machinery in Three of Bulgakov’s Novellas”). He holds two BAs, one in comp.lit. and one in Russian. Mortensen has previously been a visiting student at UC Berkeley, and is currently visiting the Davis Center on a Fulbright fellowship.

Russian literature; postmodernism; post-soviet and contemporary Russia; posthumanism; psychoanalytic theory; sexual politics; animal studies; the ethics and aesthetics of literary violence
Current Project
Vladimir Sorokin's Poetics of Intoxication
Foreign Language


, Russian Literature
, University of Bergen
Selected Publications

“Whether Man or Beast: The Question of the Animal in Three of Bulgakov’s Novellas,” Scando-Slavica, 2016, 62(2), pp. 218–234. URL:

“Discursive Propagation in Putin’s Russia: Prohibiting ‘Propaganda of Non- Traditional Sexual Relations.’” Zeitschrift für slavische Philologie, 72(2), 2016, pp. 349–381. URL:

“Sergei Dvortsevoi: Ayka (aka My Little One, 2018),” film review, in KinoKultura, 1, 2019. URL :