Svitlana Krasynska


Independent Scholar


Svitlana Krasynska is an independent scholar. With an interdisciplinary PhD (University of San Diego, 2018) and nearly two decades of executive, consulting, and research experience in the nonprofit sector, Svitlana is the author of several scholarly publications, including her most recent co-edited volume, “The Nonprofit Sector in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia: Civil Society Advances and Challenges” (Brill, 2018). Her current research focuses on civil society developments in Ukraine, particularly on the informal and grassroots groups. Svitlana was born and raised in Ukraine, and is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Post-Soviet civil society; Informal civic engagement; Grassroots movements; Transnational activism on social media
Current Project
Post-Soviet Civil Society: Formal Regulations, Foreign Aid, and the Activist Spirit
Foreign Language


, Leadership Studies
, University of San Diego
Selected Publications

Smith, D.H., Moldavanova, A.V. & Krasynska, S. [Eds.] (2018). The Nonprofit Sector in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia: Civil Society Advances and Challenges, with foreword by Rose-Ackerman, S. Leiden, Netherlands, and Boston, MA: Brill Publishers.

Krasynska, S. & Martin, E. (2017). “The Formality of Informal Civil Society: Ukraine’s EuroMaidan.” VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 28(1), 420-449.

Krasynska, S. (2015). “Contra Spem Spero: The Third Sector’s Resilience in the Face of Political Turbulence and Legislative Change in Ukraine.” Nonprofit Policy Forum 6(2), 167-186.

Krasynska, S. (2015). “Digital Civil Society: Euromaidan, the Ukrainian Diaspora, and Social Media.” In Marples D.R. & Mills, F.V. (Eds.), Ukraine’s Euromaidan: Analyses of a Civil Revolution. Stuttgart, Germany: ibidem Press.