Thomas Remington


Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Emory University

Center Associate

Thomas F. Remington is Goodrich C. White Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science at Emory University and Visiting Professor of Government Harvard University. He is also Senior Research Associate at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow Russia.  He is author of a number of books and articles on Russian and postcommunist politics. Among his publications are Presidential Decrees in Russia: A Comparative Perspective (2014); The Politics of Inequality in Russia (2011); The Russian Parliament: Institutional Evolution in a Transitional Regime, 1989-1999 (2001); The Politics of Institutional Choice: Formation of the Russian State Duma (co-authored with Steven S. Smith) (2001).

He is a past member of the Board of Trustees of the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research and of the Board of Directors of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. From 1993-2007 he was Advisor for Russia Workshops for the East-West Parliamentary Practice Project, based in Amsterdam.  In that capacity he helped plan and direct a series of workshops for parliamentarians in numerous regions of Russia.

His research focuses on the development of political institutions in post-communist states, including parliamentary politics, legislative-executive relations, and labor market and social welfare institutions. His current research focuses on the political sources of economic inequality in the United States, Russia, and China.

postcommunist political institutions
particularly in Russia; Political sources and consequences of economic inequality.
Current Project
Politics of economic inequality in Russia, China and the United States; Institutional mechanisms for skill formation in Russia, China and the United States.
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, Political Science
, Yale University
Selected Publications

Presidential Decrees in Russia: A Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

The Politics of Inequality in Russia (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

“Bureaucratic Politics and Labour Policy in China,” China: An International Journal 16:3 (August 2018), pp. 97-119.

“Russian Economic Inequality in Comparative Perspective,” Comparative Politics 50:3 (April 2018), pp. 395-416.

“Public-Private Partnerships in TVET: Adapting the Dual System in the United States,” Journal of Vocational Education & Training (2018). DOI:

“Institutional Change in Authoritarian Regimes: Pension Reform in Russia and China,” Problems of Post-Communism (2018). DOI: 10.1080/10758216.2018.1450154