Timothy Nunan


Assistant Professor of Global History, Freie Universitat Berlin

Center Associate
History of the Soviet Union
History of Russia
History of Afghanistan
History of Iran
Current Project
The Islamic Factor: Islamists, Socialists, and the Soviet Union in Cold War Eurasia


, History
, University of Oxford
Selected Publications

Humanitarian Invasion: Global Development in Cold War Afghanistan (Cambridge UP, 2016).

Translator and Editor, Writings on War by Carl Schmitt (Polity, 2011).

"Getting Re Acquainted with the 'Muslims of the USSR': Staging Soviet Islam in Iran and Turkey, 1980 1982," Ab Imperio (4/2011).

"Under a Red Veil: Staging Afghan Emancipation in Moscow," The Soviet and Post Soviet Review 38, no. 1 (2011): 30 62.

"Soviet Nationalities Policy, USSR in Construction, and Soviet Documentary Photography in Comparative Context, 1931 1937," Ab Imperio no. 2 (2010).