Tommaso Piffer

Tommaso Piffer

Assistant Professor of Contemporary History, Università degli Studi di Udine

Center Associate
European history
Cold War history
Current Project
The Big Three Allies, the European Resistance and the Origins of Cold War Europe, 1939-1945
Foreign Language


, History
Selected Publications

T. Piffer and V. Zubok (eds.) Totalitarian Societies and Democratic Transition. Essays in Memory of Victor Zaslavsky (CEU Press, 2017)

T. Piffer, “Stalin, the Western Allies and Soviet Policy towards the Yugoslav Partisan Movement. 1941-4” Journal of Contemporary History. Pre-published online 17 November 2017

T. Piffer, “Office of Strategic Services vs. Special Operations Executive: Competition for the Italian Resistance, 1943-1945” Journal of Cold War Studies 17 (2015), 41-58

T. Piffer, Gli Alleati e la Resistenza italiana [The Allies and the Italian Resistance] (Il Mulino, 2010)