Tommaso Piffer


Bodossakis Research Fellow (starting October 2016), University of Cambridge

Center Associate

Dr Tommaso Piffer is the Bodossakis Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge. Previously, he was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Cambridge and Harvard University, and a post-doctoral fellow at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Among his publications are an account of the relationship between the Allies and the Italian Resistance during World War II (Gli Alleati e la Resistenza Italiana, Il Mulino, 2010) and the collection of essays Totalitarian Societies and Democratic Transition (with Vladislav Zubok, CEU Press, 2017). His current project investigates the relations between the Big Three Allies and the European Resistance during the Second World War, with a particular focus on Mediterranean Europe.

Intelligence history
Cold war
Russian history and politics
Current Project
The Big Three Allies, the European Resistance and the Origins of Cold War Europe, 1939-1945
Foreign Language


, History
, University of Bologna
Selected Publications

"Office of Strategic Services vs. Special Operations Executive: Competition for the Italian Resistance, 1943 1945," Journal of Cold War Studies 17 (2015): 41 58.

Totalitarian Societies and Democratic Transition, ed. with V. Zubok (Il Mulino, 2011).

The Banker of the Resistance (Mondadori, 2005).

The Allies and the Italian Resistance (Il Mulino, 2011).