Vera Shevzov

Vera Shevzov

Professor of Religion; Russian East European, and Eurasian Studies, Smith College

Center Associate
Current Project
God after Gulag: Orthodoxy and ‘Ultimate Questions’ in Post-Atheist Russia
Foreign Language


, Russian history
, Yale University
Selected Publications

"On the Field of Battle: The Marian Face of Post-Soviet Russia." In Framing Mary: The Mother of God in Modern, Revolutionary and Post-Soviet Russian Culture," ed. Amy Adams and Vera Shevzov. Northern Illinois Univeristy Press, 2018, 270-311.

"The Sruggle with the Sacred: Russian Orthodox Thinking about Miracles in a Modern Age." In Thinking Orthodox in Modern Russia: Culture, History, Context, ed. Patrick Lally Michelson and Judith Deutsch Kornblatt. University of Wisconsin Press, 2014, 131-150.

"The Burdens of Tradition: Orthodox Constructions of the West in Russia (late 19th-early 20th cc.)." In Orthodox Constructions of the West, ed. G. Demacopolous and A. Papanikolaou. Fordham University Press, 2013, 83- 101.

"Resistance and Accommodation: The Rite of Orthodoxy in Modern Russia.” In Religion and National Identity in Russia and the Soviet Union, ed. Nikolaos A. Chrissidis, Cathy Potter, David Schimmelpinnick von der Oyen, and Jennifer Spock. Slavica Publishers, 2011, 165-90.

Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution. Oxford University Press, 2004.