Yunis Gurbanov


PhD Candidate, Research Institute for Political Science and European Questions, University of Cologne


Yunis Gurbanov was born and attained his undergraduate education in Azerbaijan, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Manager of Culture and Sociology in 2006. Later in 2011, he acquired his M.A. degree with distinction in International Relations. Currently, he is enrolled as a PhD student and tutor in the Institute for International Politics and Foreign Policy at the University of Cologne. He conducted some scientific research at the Harriman Institute of Columbia University in the New York City, in Baku State University, etc. Some of his research interests and expertise areas are the geopolitics in the Central Asia and South Caucasus and the energy diplomacy in the Caspian Region.

The geopolitics of Central Asia and South Caucasus; Energy Policy in the Caspian Region
Russian Foreign Policy towards Central Asian and South Caucasian States
Current Project
Energy Diplomacy in the Caspian Region
Foreign Language


, International Relations
, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts