Yuval Weber


Global Fellow, Kennan Institute; Visiting Assistant Professor, Daniel Morgan Graduate School

Center Associate

Yuval Weber is an Assistant Professor at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics in the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. He joined the Faculty from the University of Texas, where he defended his dissertation “Petropolitics and Foreign Policy: Fiscal and Institutional Origins of Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy, 1964-2012” in August 2014. Dr. Weber has served as a researcher at the Carnegie Moscow Center and New Economic School, and previously earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago. Dr. Weber has forthcoming publications in Survival, Cold War Studies, and Orbis, and is working on a project on the sources of liberal and anti-liberal dissatisfaction for powers in the international system and the strategies they employ to stake their claims for revising the international order.

International Security; Hierarchy; Foreign Policy; Lustration; Transitional Justice; Russia; Post-Soviet Space; Political Economy
Current Project
“How Many Former Regime Officials is Too Many to Purge? Lustration and International Hierarchy Across the Post-Soviet Space”
Foreign Language


, Government
, University of Texas