Operation Wedding

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street, Room S010 (Tsai Auditorium)

(Israel-Latvia 2016, 62 minutes, English, Hebrew, Russian with English subtitles)
Leningrad, 1970. A group of young Soviet Jews who were denied exit visas, plots to hijack an empty plane and escape the USSR. It started as a fantasy; under the disguise of a trip to a local wedding, the "hijackers" would buy every ticket on a 12-seater plane, so there would be no passengers but them. Seized by the KGB just a few steps from boarding, they were subjected to a chilling show trial, while the whole world watched. Two of them were sentenced to death. 45 years later, filmmaker Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov reveals the compelling story of her parents, "heroes" in the West, "terrorists" in Russia, even today.

Limited space, RSVP required.



Mark Kramer, Program Director, Cold War Studies Program, Davis Center
Bob Gordon
, Former Chairman, The Dniepro Kehillah Project (DKP), Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Alex Koifman, President, Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF)
Tatiana Yankelevich, Independent Scholar

Q&A after the screening with Director Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov

Co-sponsored by the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, the Russian Jewish Community Foundation, and the The Dniepro Kehillah Project (DKP), Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

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