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Apply now for the Arms Control Negotiation Academy

The NTF and five partner organizations are launching ACONA, a 12-month program for rising international security experts. 

Shift superintendent Vladimir Gorlov works underground on the construction of the Moscow Metro

Ten Must-See Images from the Soviet Information Bureau

A newly digitized collection of nearly 5,800 black-and-white photographs provide a stunning visual record of daily life, culture, and politics at the start of the Cold War.

Widener Library

E-Books and Other Available Resources

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak many publishers and vendors are making some or all of their content freely available. 

Ia Tserodze

How a REECA Student is Encouraging Civic Engagement in Georgia

As political unrest broke out in Georgia last year, Ia Tserodze was frustrated that she could not fulfill her desire to be an active citizen from abroad. Here's what she did about it.

Shift superintendent Vladimir Gorlov works underground on the construction of the Moscow Metro
Widener Library
Ia Tserodze

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Find a Scholar

Use our Expertise Guide to connect to Davis Center scholars of Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus who have knowledge of specific language, discipline, or time period.

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Coronavirus Advisory 

Latest updates on Davis Center events and programming in light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.


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