Papers of the Red Army, 1918-1923

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi voennyi arkhiv, Fondy 1, 6, 9

Call Number: Film A1044 in microfilm cage in Lamont basement.

Finding Aids: The opisi are on Reel One of the collection and are also available in bound book form with the other microfilm guides. Their call number is Index Film A1044.

Fond 1 -- Operations Directorate of the Commissariat of Military Affairs (Upravdelami Narkomvoendel). 1917. Contains correspondence with High Command on the formation of volunteer units in late 1917, various orders of Narkomvoendel.

Fond 6 -- Field Staff of the Military Revolutionary Soviet of the Soviet Republic. Contains orders issued by Revvoensovet and both military and political situation reports from combat zones.

Fond 9 -- Political Directorate of the Red Army (Politupravlenie RKKA), 1920-1921. Contains stenogram of a 1920 all-Russian congress of political workers, informational bulletins, summary reports on Politupravlenie activities and reports on combat readiness of Red Army units.