The Soviet Estimate: US Analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991

Call number: Microfiche W 4921 (in microfiche filing cabinets in Lamont basement).

Finding Aid: Printed and bound volume shelved with other microfiche finding aids in the Lamont basement, call number Index Microfiche W 4921. This guide is a detailed catalogue of all documents in the collection listed chronologically and indexed by subject.

Contents: This archival collection was compiled by the National Security Archive, a non-profit, non-governmental organization and includes 610 U.S. intelligence assessments of the Soviet Union and international Communism. These includes debriefings of Soviet defector Oleg Penkovskii, estimates of Soviet strategic capabilities through 1983 and a 1991 CIA report on the probability of a coup by Communist hardliners. Most of these documents (534) are of CIA provenance. All materials from the CIA's 1994 release of materials on the Soviet Union and international Communism are included.

Size of the Archive: 610 documents