Fellows and Visiting Scholars Arrive for the 2016–2017 Academic Year

Photo: S. Plant

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Davis Center welcomes its fellows and visiting scholars for academic year 2016–2017. Collectively, the cohort speaks over 25 languages, including Sakha and Sorbian. These scholars join us from institutions in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the U.S. Their projects range from "International Hierarchy Across the Post-Soviet Space", to "National Identity and the Politics of Orthodox Churches", to "Reconciling Theory and Practice in Social Housing," and beyond.

Some are also participants in the yearlong Fellows Program seminar on the theme "Ideas, Ideologies, and Power: Eurasia Past and Present,” which is led this year by Professors Rawi Abdelal and Justin Weir.

Postoctoral Fellows

Anna Graber

Ph.D. in History, Yale University, 2016
Knowledge from Stone: Science, Nature and Industry at Russian Mines


Aleksandar Matovski

Ph.D. in Political Science, Cornell University, 2015
Popular Dictators: Crises and the Attitudinal Roots of Electoral Authoritarianism


Inna Melnykovska

Ph.D. in Political Science, Free University of Berlin, 2016
When Big Business Goes Global, but Plays Local. Capital Mobility, Business and Politics in Eurasia


Maria Sidorkina

Ph.D. in Anthropology, Yale University, 2016
Kholivar: New Projects of Belonging on the Russian Periphery


Yuval Weber

Assistant Professor, National Research University - Higher School of Economics
How Many Former Regime Officials is Too Many to Purge? Lustration and International Hierarchy Across the Post-Soviet Space



Birzhan Batkeyev

Ph.D. Candidate, Northeastern University
Competition Policy in the Eurasian Economic Union


Arvid Bell

Ph.D. Candidate, Goethe University Frankfurt
Interconnected Conflicts in Central Asia: Alliances, Interdependencies, and Negotiations


Daria Boltokova

Ph.D. Candidate, The University of British Columbia
'Betwixt and Between' Sakha and Russian: An Ethnography of Language Hybridization among Sakha Youth in the Russian Far East


Elham Gharji

Marie Curie Fellow, Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
Foreign Policy Dynamics arround the Caspian


Nazmus Khan

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Muenster
Spillover effects of macroeconomic policies, trade and exchange rate in Western European countries and Russia on CEE countries


Nelli Manucharyan

Junior scientific researcher, Department of Contemporary Anthropological Studies, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Peasants In Transition: Collectivisation and Socialist Reconstruction of Village in Soviet Armenia


Tornike Metreveli

Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Bern
Does God Really Matter? National Identity and the Politics of Orthodox Churches in Serbia and Georgia



Visiting Scholars

Seyithan Ates

Assistant Professor, Ankara University of Social Sciences
Beyond GDP, Social Progress and Well-being: Potential of Social Innovation Across Eurasia in Building New Welfare State


Nadia Boyadjieva

Professor of International Law and International Relations, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Russia, NATO, and the Security Environment in Europe, 2000–2014


David Engerman

Ottilie Springer Professor of History, Brandeis University
Development Politics: The Economic Cold War in India


Vasila Hajiyeva

Professor, Western University of Azerbaijan
US Policy towards Azerbaijan in the Context of a Changing Regional-Global Situation


Elina Kallas

Research Scholar, Baltic-American Freedom Foundation
Entrepreneurial intention and perception of entrepreneurial environment of Russian-speakers minority in Estonia


Maryam Kamali

Ph.D. in History, Tehran University, 2013
The Status of Khwarazm in the Vicissitudes of the Khwarazmian Dynasty (ca.469-628/1077-1231)


Nadiya Kravets

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
Managing Post-Imperial Moscow: Examining Policies of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine toward Russia, 1991–2012


Olena Nikolayenko

Associate Professor, Fordham University
Political Consequences of Remittances in Eurasia


Olga Onuch

Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester
Political Preferences, Participation and Identities during the Ukrainian Crisis 2013-2015


Sasha Tsenkova

Professor of Planning & International Development, University of Calgary
Patterns of Collaborative Resilience in Eastern Europe: Reconciling Theory and Practice in Social Housing