Red Horizon: The Immersive Global Crisis Exercise on U.S.-Russia-China-EU Relations

People gathered around table at negotiation crisis meeting

Red Horizon is an immersive global crisis exercise incubated at the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force. This strategic wargame offers an opportunity for international and national security practitioners with government, academic, military, and NGO backgrounds to step outside their daily routine and practice advanced negotiation and decision-making skills in a highly realistic international crisis scenario.

“The meticulous, detailed planning was incredible. There were layers of negotiation lessons that were powerfully taught just by virtue of being part of the exercise.” — Participant, Red Horizon 2018

Over 50 participants from over a dozen countries engaged in the inaugural iteration of Red Horizon that took place at Harvard University’s Center for Government and International Studies in December 2018.

Coming soon: Red Horizon 2019