Boot Camps

Boot Camps train up to 30 participants in essential negotiation skills and contemporary conflict in the Eurasian sphere in 1- to 5-day workshops. Alternatively, we deliver online boot camps that unfold across virtual negotiation rooms to connect learners from around the globe.

Bring a Negotiation Boot Camp to your Organization!

You don’t have to come all the way to Cambridge, Massachusetts to participate in an NTF exercise.

Boot Camp participants have the opportunity to evaluate their baseline negotiating skills with a short bargaining exercise, learn about ongoing negotiating challenges in Eurasia, and—in advanced boot camps—participate in an NTF immersive negotiation exercise. At the conclusion of the boot camp, participants will come away with the fundamental knowledge necessary to engage in the “Harvard method” of principled negotiation, an advanced understanding of a Eurasian conflict (focus dependent on the teaching modules delivered at the boot camp), and experience managing simulated conflicts in dynamic, complex environments.

If you would like to bring a negotiation Boot Camp to your organization, please reach out to our team!


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“The European Negotiation Boot Camp not only provided me with an opportunity to discuss U.S.-Russian relations with colleagues and to hone my negotiation skills, but also a strong community of rising security and foreign policy scholars and practitioners.” —Katherine Elgin, European Negotiation Boot Camp, 2019 participant; PhD Candidate, Princeton University

"The Negotiation Boot Camp was an incredibly useful and rewarding experience. The sessions offered a realistic glimpse at how international agreements are brokered, or fall through, challenging participants to think carefully about viable solutions to complex real-world problems while managing pressing time constraints. Even for those of us not regularly tasked with high-stakes negotiations, the principles and skills taught are highly applicable in everyday life, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in these exercises." —John C. Stanko, MSSR Negotiation Boot Camp, 2021 participant; Ph.D. Student, Indiana University

Past Boot Camps


  • Arms Control Negotiation Academy (virtual boot camp)


  • Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia, Middlebury Institute at Monterey (virtual boot camp)
  • Arms Control Negotiation Academy (virtual boot camp)


  • European Negotiation Boot Camp, Negotiation Task Force, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia, Middlebury Institute at Monterey
  • University Consortium, Oxford University
  • Harriman Institute, Columbia University
  • University Consortium, Higher School of Economics


  • University Consortium, Higher School of Economics