The Future of Georgia

In this negotiation exercise, students focus on solving a multidimensional conflict based on real-world circumstances, parties, and interests. 


Georgia, a post-Soviet country long mired in regional conflict, stands at a critical juncture of its development. Russia has significant influence over Georgia’s breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet a chance for re-unification is still possible provided that all involved actors find it in their best interests. Despite twelve years of unsuccessful talks, the fate of Georgia’s political, security, and humanitarian situations are still in question. However, there is a renewed hope for lasting peace and stability in Georgia with new talks to be convened in Geneva, Switzerland. In this exercise, you will take the role of U.S., Russian, Georgian, international, and separartist negotiators and mediators to determine the future of Georgia once and for all. 

Teaching Points

  • Focus on solving a multidimensional conflict based on real-world circumstances, parties, and interests 
  • Better understand team and coalition building-dynamics during multi-issue talks
  • Manage internal and external dynamics with delegations and between parties
  • Opportunities to promote cooperation in difficult circumstances
  • Practice sequencing and optimizing informal discussions with formal negotiations
  • Learn about the historical conflict in Georgia and the realities of great power politics in the South Caucasus 

Teaching Materials

Participant Packet 

  • Role Matrix: Overview of all participants and role assignments 
  • Meeting Schedule: Details the locations and meetings within the scenario
  • General Information: Scenario Background
  • Character Sheets: Confidential background information for each role

Instructor Packet 

  • Teaching Guide: Provides the instructor with an overview of the scenario, exercise logistics, teaching points, and debriefing notes
  • Soft copy of suggested introductory and debrief powerpoint slides
  • All Participant documents except the Character Sheets

Master Packet (add on)

  • One spare copy of all Participant and Instructor documents (not including soft copy of Powerpoint slides)

Exercise Specifications

Format: In person or Online
Time Required for Exercise: 7-8 hours
Number of participants: 8-32
Negotiating parties (teams): 8
Scorable: No
Prior Knowledge of Topic: Not Required
Language: English