The Negotiation Task Force unites a diverse team of scholars, students, and professionals from Harvard University and beyond to produce innovative negotiation research, analyses, and exercises.

The Negotiation Task Force unites a diverse team of scholars, students, and professionals from Harvard University and beyond to produce innovative negotiation research, analyses, and exercises.

NTF research assistants advance our research agenda through conflict analysis work. NTF case writers create scenario briefing content for our negotiation exercises. NTF associates contribute crucial expertise to Task Force projects. NTF wargame specialists manage communication flows and computer systems during the Red Horizon exercise.

Negotiation Task Force Team

Arvid Bell
Director, Negotiation Task Force & Lecturer on Government
Arvid is the Director of the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force, Senior Designer with the NTF’s Red Horizon Project, and Lecturer on Government at Harvard University. He specializes in negotiation analysis, complex conflicts, and international security. Arvid holds a dual degree from Free University of Berlin and Science Po Paris, a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Goethe University Frankfurt.

Matthew Kokkinos
Coordinator, Negotiation Task Force
Matt is a recent graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where he earned a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy and specialized in International Security Studies and Russian and Eurasian Studies. His academic interests include autonomous weapon systems, Russian-American relations, grand strategy, and cross-cultural dialogue, and he enjoys studying languages in his free time. Matt also holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Northeastern University.

Nora Cyra
Innovation Fellow, Negotiation Task Force
Nora Cyra graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2021 with a double major in International Relations and Russian & Eurasian Studies. While at Mount Holyoke, she worked as a research assistant, interned for the German Marshall Fund's Alliance for Securing Democracy, and studied in Moscow in 2019. Nora's undergraduate thesis examined the opportunities for confidence-building measures in the unresolved conflicts of the former Soviet Union, and her ongoing research interests include conflict resolution opportunities and experiences in this region.

Sean Eriksen
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Sean is a first year master’s student at the Davis Center and the 2020-2021 Innovation Fellow with the Negotiation Task Force. He completed a dual degree in law and international relations at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, where he wrote his undergraduate thesis on Russia’s foreign policy during Vladimir Putin’s third presidential term. He has lived and volunteered in Armenia and Ukraine, and his primary research interests focus on the domestic and international politics of contemporary Ukraine and Russia.

Andrew Gordan
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Andrew is an undergraduate at Harvard College concentrating in Government. His academic interests include U.S. diplomacy, the climate, and South and Central Asian politics. Outside the NTF, Andrew has interned with Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, serves as a policy chair for the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative, and loves cooking and soccer.

Emmet Halm
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Emmet is an undergraduate at Harvard College studying History, with a focus on modern diplomatic history.  Emmet's main interests are the future of US-Russia relations and international negotiations. Outside the NTF, Emmet is the Director of Discussions for the Harvard Political Union, a staff writer for the Harvard Political Review, and a standup comedian.

Eva Kahan
Case Writer, Negotiation Task Force
Eva is a case writer with the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force and the Evans Hanson fellow at the Institute for the Study of War. Eva recently graduated from Tufts University with a BA in History and International Relations with concentrations in the Middle East and completed the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) Fellowship in Egypt. Eva previously conducted research with the Harvard Middle East Exercise and the US Department of Defense, and taught a course at Tufts on strategic thinking and wargames.

Caitriona Keane
Intern, Negotiation Task Force
Caitriona is an undergraduate at Northeastern University studying International Affairs and Biochemistry, with a minor in History. She is joining the NTF for the fall semester as a part of Northeastern's Cooperative Education Program, where students are placed in professional environments for career growth. Her academic interests include the EU and conflict resolution, and she recently wrote her senior thesis on identity and EU-Turkey relations. Outside the NTF, Caitriona is the President of the Northeastern Global Journal for International Affairs, a staff editor for the Northeastern Historical Review and an avid cellist.

Alexander Nehrbass
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Alex joined the core team at the NTF as a Research Assistant. He recently earned his B.A. from McGill University, where he studied in the Joint Honors Political Science & Philosophy program. His major areas of interest include conflict resolution, international law, political economy, and U.S.-Russia relations. At the NTF, Alex has worked on research projects investigating how negotiation network structures impact the potential for armed conflict, as well as peace. Alex also assists with coordination and outreach for a variety of NTF events, such as the program’s flagship event, Red Horizon. Alex’s current projects include coordinating negotiation exercises for GOV1199 “Post-Soviet Conflict,” as well as research and writing for a case study involving a complex international merger & acquisition negotiation.

Molly Richmond 
Case Writer, Negotiation Task Force
Molly is a Case Writer for the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force working on writing Western Sahara simulations. She graduated from Harvard University in 2018, where she received a degree in History and Literature, with focuses on the Middle East and migration studies. She wrote her senior thesis on refugees from the Armenian Genocide. Molly currently works as a Senior Consultant at an education company called CollegeVine, and loves cooking and being outdoors.

Daniel Stoian
Fellow, Negotiation Task Force
Danny Stoian is a Fellow with the Negotiation Task Force and the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Legislative Affairs Bureau. Previously he served as the Deputy Executive Director in the South Central Asia Bureau, overseeing the operations of 27 SCA missions and 17 domestic offices across NEA and SCA. Prior to that position, he served as the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, overseeing the creation of the Office of Data Analytics, launch of the Knowledge Portal, and publication of the QDDR. As a Foreign Service Officer, he has served in both reporting and management positions in Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Tunisia, and Bahrain. In Washington D.C. he worked in the Operations Center and as Special Assistant to the Undersecretary for Management. Prior to government service, he worked in management consulting and also helped launch and EmailLabs. He received his masters of public administration at Harvard University, and completed his undergraduate work in computer science engineering and international relations at the University of California at Davis.

Michael Wallace
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Michael is an undergraduate at Harvard College concentrating on Social Studies with a focus on the politics of ethnic conflict. His main academic interests include international climate negotiations, post-conflict societies, and American educational history. Outside the NTF, he serves on the board of Harvard Model Congress, an educational nonprofit, leads hiking trips with the Harvard Outing Club, and enjoys long runs.

Alex Walsh
Research Assistant, Negotiation Task Force
Alex is an undergraduate at Harvard College studying Government, with a focus in public policy. His main interests are international relations and development, particularly in regard to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Prior to transferring to Harvard, Alex served in the United States Navy as a Fire Controlman aboard a destroyer stationed in Rota, Spain. Alex lived in Spain for about 3.5 years and traveled to 27 different countries, including Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

Elizabeth Weinbloom
Case Writer, Negotiation Task Force
Elizabeth is a case writer with the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force, developing a simulation concerning China's Belt and Road Initiative. She is a freelance instructional designer based in Somerville, MA, as well as a theater artist, and she is pleased to be working with the NTF to create immersive, character-driven learning materials. She holds an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. from Harvard College. 

Negotiation Task Force Associates

Alexander Bollfrass
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Alex is a Davis Center and NTF Associate, for which he is the co-creator of the Red Horizon Project, and a Senior Researcher on nuclear policy at the Center for Security Studies in Switzerland. He was previously a Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center, specializing in nuclear weapons policy and proliferation. Alex was a nuclear weapons policy researcher at the Washington-based Stimson Center and Arms Control Association before earning a Ph.D. in security studies from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.  

Mariana Budjeryn
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Mariana Budjeryn is a Research Associate with the Project of Managing the Atom (MTA) at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. Formerly, she held appointments as a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at MTA, a fellow at Harvard Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, and as a visiting professor at Tufts University and Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Mariana’s research straddles nuclear history and international politics with the focus on nuclear nonproliferation, arms control, Cold War, Soviet collapse and post-Soviet transitions. Her forthcoming book Inheriting the Bomb: Soviet Collapse and Ukraine’s Nuclear Disarmament examines the history and politics of post-Soviet nuclear renunciation. Mariana’s analytical contributions have appeared in The Nonproliferation Review, Harvard International Review, World Affairs Journal, Arms Control Today, The Washington Post, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, War on the Rocks, and in the publications of the Wilson International Center for Scholars where she is a Global Fellow. She holds a PhD in Political Science and an MA in International Relations from Central European University (formerly) in Budapest, Hungary, and a BA in Political Science from the KyivMohyla Academy in Ukraine.

Donna Cardarelli
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Donna is the Research Programs Coordinator at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. She received her M.S. in Public Relations from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and B.A. in Russian Studies from Hamilton College. Donna speaks both Russian and Mandarin Chinese and has a strong interest in U.S.-Russian-Chinese relations.

Stephen Delaney
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Stephen is currently a consultant in Arlington, VA working in the defense and intelligence sector. Stephen received in his Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2018, where he studied negotiation analysis and international security. Stephen has experience working in defense, diplomacy, and security cooperation in the private and public sector, as well as at the international level.

James Evans
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
James is the Communications Officer at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University, and a Ph.D. student in Harvard's history department. His research interests include modern Chinese history and government, China and Taiwan’s foreign policies, and China’s relations with the developing world. James is a graduate of Harvard's Regional Studies East Asia master's program and the University of Oxford. He was previously a public affairs consultant in China and the UK. 

Claire Fisher 
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Claire is an Operations Research/Systems Analyst in the Strategic Wargaming Division, Center for Army Analysis, G-8, Department of the Army. Claire's current role is supporting and leading strategic and operational wargames and related analyses to support the Army staff, Army Service Component Commands, and Combatant Commands to inform Joint, combined, and interagency senior-level guidance, planning, and decisions. She holds Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from La Salle University and a Master of Arts in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia from Harvard University.

Monica Giannone 
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Monica is a trainer, consultant, and mediator specializing in negotiation, coalition management, and multi-stakeholder disputes. Monica runs the Harvard Kennedy School Negotiation Project (KSNP), a project of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Monica’s current areas of work focus on civil disagreement within the United States, overcoming partisan divide in U.S. legislatures, value-based conflict, gender and negotiation, and US-Russia relations. Monica is an Adjunct Lecturer at Babson College, where she teaches negotiation in their MBA program. Monica holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University. 

Roland Gillah 
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Roland is a conflict analyst at Mercy Corps' Humanitarian Access Team. In his current assignment, he works in the Democratic Republic of Congo countering disinformation related to the Ebola response. In his prior assignment he supported direct negotiations with rival tribes and armed groups in Libya to ensure the safe arrival of humanitarian aid to conflict areas. He is a researcher at the Maghreb Economic Forum in Tunisia, where he studies de-radicalization of returning foreign fighters. Previously, he worked as an Analyst at BMNT partners and Hacking For Defense, a civil-military relations initiative working on emerging technology based in Silicon Valley. Roland is a graduate of Tufts University, where he studied International Relations, French, and Arabic.

Lukas Ihringer
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Lukas studied finance at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Management at HEC Paris, and hopes to stay in Paris afterwards to work in management consulting. As an Associate with the NTF, Lukas has focused on research for "The Eurasia Deal" negotiation project.

Linas Kojala
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Linas is the Director of the Eastern Europe Studies Center, one of the leading think-tanks in the Baltic states, as well as a Lecturer and PhD candidate at Vilnius University. This year, Linas started as a Baltic Sea Fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute. In 2017-2018, we was a Fulbright Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. His role with the Negotiation Task Force is focused on the evaluation of global developments from NATO's perspective. Kojala's hobbies include soccer and classical music.

Benny Lin
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Benny Lin is an Associate with the NTF, where he has focused on research for "The Eurasia Deal" negotiation project. Benny has done his undergraduate studies in finance at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management. His major areas of interest include economic development, international trade, corporate finance, and startup ecosystems. His experience includes an Investment Analyst term at AIMCo's Infrastructure and Renewables team where he conducted due diligence, financial modeling, and corporate finance research on major international transactions. He has also held strategy and research positions at Kruger Energy and McGill University.

Tom O’Bryan
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Tom O’Bryan is an expert in peacebuilding, conflict mediation, and human rights. Tom works for the British Government as a Conflict Adviser, currently serving in the British Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, and holds a Masters of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He was previously a political adviser with the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has also worked on peace and conflict issues in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Tom has published articles on fragility and conflict with outlets including Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs and testified before parliamentary committees in the UK and France.

Shivan Sarin 
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Shivan is a lawyer and policy advocate who has written extensively on issues of human rights, negotiation, and foreign policy. Shivan is the Deputy Director of Reprieve US, where he works to abolish the death penalty worldwide and end extreme human rights abuses. Shivan has also held positions at Social Finance, Ropes & Gray, TERI, and the RAND Corporation. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School.

Taylor Valley
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Taylor is a PhD student in Political Science at Northeastern University and graduate from Harvard University in 2018, where she received her Master's degree in Russian, Eastern European & Central Asian Studies. Taylor has a strong interest in international affairs and wrote her Master's thesis on the topic of Russia's contemporary relations with Latin American countries.

Will Weinfield
Associate, Negotiation Task Force
Will Weinfield is an associate with the Davis Center Negotiation Task Force. He has conducted research on Chinese coercion for the Stimson Center and the national security industrial base for the National Defense University Eisenhower School. He graduated Tufts University in 2021, majoring in International Relations and Economics, and minoring in Chinese. He has experience working in national security research, wargaming, and econometric analysis.

Wargame Specialists

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