Current Fellows

The Davis Center's fellows and visiting scholars participate in interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

  • Director, Negotiation Task Force
    Lecturer on Government, Harvard University

    Davis Center Negotiation Task Force
  • Cristina Boboc

    Ph.D. Fellow, Ghent University

    Modernization and Middle-Class formation in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
  • Ph.D. Candidate, University of British Columbia

    Betwixt and Between' Sakha and Russian: An Ethnography of Language Hybridization among Sakha Youth in the Russian Far East
  • Professor of International Law and International Relations, Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    "Russia, NATO and the Security Environment in Europe 2000-2014"
  • Aurelie

    Senior Fellow, Energy Project
    Lecturer on Government, Harvard University

    No Energy for Integration? Geopolitics and the Emerging Energy Market of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Mariana Budjeryn

    Postdoctoral Fellow | Research Fellow, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School

    Inheriting the Bomb: Soviet Collapse and Denuclearization of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine
  • Associate Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics

    International framework of Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Western Balkans
  • PhD Candidate, Research Institute for Political Science and European Questions, University of Cologne

    The Energy Diplomacy in the Caspian Region
  • Methodologist - Legal Advisor at Financial Monitoring Center, The Central Bank of Armenia

    Cryptocurrencies: breaking the regulatory deadlock
  • Jonathan Hunt

    Lecturer, University of Southampton

    Atomic coexistence: The spread of nuclear weapons and Cold War détente
  • Nargis Kassenova

    Senior Fellow, Program on Central Asia | Associate Professor, KIMEP University

    China's Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia: Tracing Changes in Domestic, Regional and Global Economic Governance
  • Junior Researcher, European University at Saint Petersburg

    Semiotic Ideologies and Self-Transformation Practices in Contemporary Russian Catholicism
  • Olena Levenets

    Early Stage Researcher at the School of Business and Governance: Department of Law, Tallinn University of Technology

    Welfare, Poverty, and Inequality in Post-Soviet Space: An Exploration of Informal Practices in the Health Sector
  • Strategy and Policy Fellow, Smith Richardson Foundation

    When Big Business Goes Global, but Plays Local. Capital Mobility, Business and Politics in Eurasia
  • Megan Race

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    The Russian Artist Is Alive and Living in America
  • Marine Sargsyan profile photo

    Ph.D. Candidate, Roma Tre University

    Exogenous Gravity in Regional Geopolitics
  • Assistant Professor, ELTE University of Budapest

    The Comparative Moment: The Renaissance of Comparative Literature and Cold War Cultural Diplomacy
  • Visiting Scholar

    Women and Education in Imperial Russia
  • Fellow, Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Amherst College

    Kholivar: New Projects of Belonging on the Russian Periphery
  • U.S. Foreign Service Officer 1963-1998, former U.S. Ambassador to Poland and Pakistan

  • Economist, Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia

    Macroprudential Tools and Monetary Policy Tools Interaction in DSGE models (the Case of Armenia)
  • PhD Candidate, European University Institute (Florence)

    From academic revolution to disciplinary consolidation: the institutional dynamics of the German-American academic transfer and the emergence of modern American social sciences,1865–1910