Peter Fraunholtz

Peter Fraunholtz

Center Associate

Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

Areas of Expertise


Peter Fraunholtz is Assistant Teaching Professor in History & International Affairs at Northeastern University. His research focuses on state-building and grain procurement in the middle Volga region of Russia, 1914-1920. His recent publications include: "From Ambivalence to Accuracy: The Provisional Government’s Grain Registration in an Intermediary Province, Penza 1917." The Russian Review (2024) vol. 83 (2): 193-208. “Russian Grain Procurement in a Revolutionary State: Grain Registration in Penza Province, 1917–1919.” Agricultural History (2024) vol. 98 (1): 71-102. He is currently revising an article that examines the lingering impact of the poor 1917 harvest and the persistence of local contestation over grain registration as contributing factors in the Kuchki peasant uprising in early August 1918, at the outset of the Russian Civil War.