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Fake news. Alternative facts. Propaganda. At this summer’s annual Global Studies Outreach workshop, we will consider mis/disinformation in a global context.

Associate Director for Programs

Outreach and Events Assistant


Join an author discussion of the processes of digitalization and growing digital connectivity in Central Asia.

Regional Manager for Central Asia and the Caucasus, ICARDA

Director/Associate Professor, Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute, Narxoz University

Director, Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies

Independent Researcher

Lecturer, King’s College London

A.M. in Regional Studies–REECA

Regional Director, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Senior Fellow, Program on Central Asia, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies


Join us for a brief overview of the Master's Degree Program in Regional Studies—Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (REECA).

Student Programs Officer


This panel will discuss the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, Russia-brokered peace agreement, and implications for the region and international involvement.

Affiliate, Russian and East European Studies (REES), Oxford School for Global and Area Studies (OSGA)

U.S. Ambassador (retired); Professor, Patterson School, University of Kentucky

Former Deputy Foreign Minister, Republic of Armenia; Negotiator; Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Europe

Publisher and Executive Director, Eurasianet

Director, Harriman Institute, Columbia University; Claire Tow Professor of Political Science, Barnard College

Senior Fellow, Program on Central Asia, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies


How has Alexey Navalny evolved from an anti-corruption blogger to the leader of the Russian opposition?

Editor-in-Chief & CEO, The New Times

Executive Director, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies / Lecturer on Government, Harvard University


How does Russia use these reserves to their political advantage in Europe and Eurasia? How does energy demand impact international relations in the region?

Director, Negotiation Task Force; Lecturer on Government, Harvard University