Writing. Convening. Teaching. Training. Modeling. Experimenting. Engaging. Across time zones and international boundaries, members of our community are at work. Our “Insights” gallery is a multimedia guide to intellectual life at the Davis Center.

The latest interactive dataset from our Imperiia Project helps preserve the history of Ukraine’s fragile natural world and clearly calls for new strategies of mapping the past, expanding beyond the documentation left by those in power.

Even as Moscow’s position in Armenia is looking shaky, its key base there seems as firmly rooted as ever, showing that a dramatic shift in Yerevan’s foreign policy won’t be easy. Davis Center alum Joshua Kucera reports.

Davis Center associate Vera Mironova, who has spent years studying militants from the ex-USSR, says that Russia’s war mobilization may have turned the concert hall outside Moscow into a relatively easy target.

As Vladimir Putin sailed into his fifth term as president in Moscow, Harvard's Russia Matters Project surveyed some leading Western experts on Russia to assess the election results' impact on the West.

A historical look at the geopolitical vulnerability of this small country tucked between Ukraine and the EU, by Davis Center alum Isabelle DeSisto and Prof. Grigore Pop-Eleches.

The latest offering from our Imperiia Project shows the frequency and impact of fires across European Russia during the tumultuous years of 1860 to 1864.

Former presidential bodyguard Alexei Dyumin has long been mentioned as a candidate to one day succeed his boss. Who is he? REECA’s Olga Kiyan gives a snapshot.

In addition to his anti-regime activism, the opposition politician often embraced nationalist positions central to beliefs espoused by Vladimir Putin, writes REECA alum Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon.

A Russian Harvard student reflects on the struggle between hope and despair.