Writing. Convening. Teaching. Training. Modeling. Experimenting. Engaging. Across time zones and international boundaries, members of our community are at work. Our “Insights” gallery is a multimedia guide to intellectual life at the Davis Center.

“Twilight diplomats” tend to make or break international negotiations, despite rarely garnering the acclaim of their more public-facing counterparts, write members of the Negotiation Task Force.

The Belavezha Accords, often overlooked in the history of the dissolution of the USSR, largely defy accepted narratives about the collapse, writes Yelena Biberman.

Educators gathered on the Harvard campus to synthesize lessons from the yearlong Engaging Eurasia Teacher Fellowship.

At Commencement, graduates share memories, reflect on the region, and offer advice to future students of regional studies.

First woman to serve as Center’s faculty director will lead from July 2022.

Explore economic and ethnic variation across the Russian Empire on the cusp of the Great Reforms.

George Krol remembers an accidental leader whose brief political career mirrored the greater tragedy of his country.

Anxieties about children’s historical education have been co-opted by the Kremlin to marginalize political opposition and generate support for the war in Ukraine, writes Sydney Stotter.

Putin’s indifference to the short-term costs of war and his overestimation of Russia’s military power may ultimately threaten his long-term interests, writes Alexandra Vacroux in Barron’s.