Writing. Convening. Teaching. Training. Modeling. Experimenting. Engaging. Across time zones and international boundaries, members of our community are at work. Our “Insights” gallery is a multimedia guide to intellectual life at the Davis Center.

At the annual Global Studies Outreach Workshop, thirty teachers collaborated on pedagogy, discussed challenges, and bonded over a shared enthusiasm for teaching.

The Imperiia Project invites you to immerse yourself in the work of botanists and bureaucrats who nurtured a strategic obsession with Crimean fruit trees.

Who ventured back and forth on the Silk Road? Who built the wonders and monuments that stand proud today?

When Russia annexed Crimea (the first time), property values were driven by salt air and stone fruit. Explore the gardens of the peninsula in the early days of imperial rule.

Harvard has been named a National Resource Center for Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia, and received a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship grant under Title VI.

Peaceful protests are at heart of newer democracies, says Stephen Jones, Director of the Program on Georgian Studies.

As the geopolitical split in Eurasia widens, the country’s balancing act will be a hard feat to pull off, writes Nargis Kassenova in Politico.

Sarah Ramberran, a junior at Harvard college and an intern at, explores the intersection of educational institution opportunities and South Asian identity.

Russian propaganda narratives about vaccines differ structurally by target audience, offering clarity to friends and confusion to foes, writes Katrina Keegan.