Valentina Zhukova

Graduate Student Associate Fellow

Ph.D. Candidate, UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Fellow, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University

Areas of Expertise

Time Period
Valentina Zhukova is a Ph.D. student at UiT The Arctic University of Norway working on a Ph.D. project that investigates how verbal threats are performed and perceived in spoken Russian discourse. Having graduated from HSE University in Moscow, she combines fundamental knowledge of linguistics with practical applications. Her scientific interests include Construction Grammar and constructicography, corpus and cognitive linguistics, and language pedagogy. Valentina is actively involved in creating research-based digital pedagogical resources for learners of Russian as a second language, such as the Russian Constructicon project, Construxercise! Hands-on learning of Russian constructions resource and the SMARTool, all aiming to optimize the acquisition of Russian.