Student Opportunities

Advice and Mentoring

Davis Center staff can offer a wealth of advice as well as individual mentoring to students who are exploring options for international experience in the region. We have an extensive network of contacts in Russia and the region who can help you in the planning process.

Internship Placements

The Davis Center coordinates research internships and data science internships at the Research and Training Center of the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) in Dilijan, Armenia.  In Tbilisi, Georgia, the Davis Center can facilitate internships at a variety of non-governmental organizations as well as in the private sector.  

Apply for all internships using the Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT)

Prospective interns are urged to apply for all eligible sources of funding, for example, the OCS Independent Internships and Volunteer Opportunities, the Goldman Internship Travel Grant, or other funding sources.

Central Bank of Armenia

Research internships at the Central Bank of Armenia focus on a variety of macroeconomic questions, taking into account interns' individual background and interests. Interns will be matched with projects appropriate to their level of preparation; general economics coursework (Ec 10) is sufficient for some topics.  Students with strong quantitative skills will be considered for data analysis projects. Applications from advanced students of economics, computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics are especially welcome.  Open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. The working language at the CBA is English; knowledge of Armenian or Russian is helpful, but not required. Harvard College applicants who complete the budget section in CARAT will be considered for Goldman Internship Travel Grants. Learn more > 

Tbilisi, Georgia

Internships in Tbilisi, Georgia, are expected to last 8-9 weeks and take place during June and July.  Please see below for selected host organizations or download the complete list of Tbilisi internships.  If your interests are not represented here, please contact Donna Griesenbeck.

Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Development

  • Religious, ethnic, and other minority issues
  • Integration of minorities into civil society
  • Analysis of raw data from interviews, focus groups, etc.

Caucasus Research Resource Centers

  • Data collection and publishing (especially survey data)
  • Program evaluation using quantitative analysis
  • Training in research methods

Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism

  • Ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Best practices for government policy toward minorities

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

  • Regional security
  • Georgia's bilateral relations with US, EU, Russia
  • Youth outreach and leadership development

Georgian Institute of Politics

  • Political parties in Georgia and political party systems
  • Foreign policy and relations with EU, NATO, and Black Sea region
  • Education and training


The Davis Center directly supports summer undergraduate travel to the region through Goldman Research Travel Grants and Goldman Internship Travel Grants.  Undergraduate and graduate students may also pursue intensive summer study of languages of the region with support of a Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Graduate students may also apply for Academic Year Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships to support their Harvard studies or doctoral dissertation research abroad.

The Davis Center also offers Graduate Research Travel Grants and Dissertation Completion Fellowships to Harvard graduate students in GSAS.

Extracurricular Activities

The Davis Center is home to nearly one hundred Graduate Student Associates from GSAS as well as Harvard professional schools, creating a vibrant community of young scholars and future professionals who intend to focus their careers on this world region.

Both undergraduate and graduate students enjoy an array of informal opportunities at the Davis Center, like Russian conversation groups, regional holiday celebrations, films, and meetings with visitors from the region. The Davis Center is also home to a GSAS Workshop, where graduate students get valuable feedback on their work in progress.