Evgeny Shtorn

Guest Speaker

Doctoral Candidate in Political, Societal and Cultural Change

Areas of Expertise

Evgeny Shtorn is a writer, activist, and researcher from St Petersburg. Due to his involvement in civil-society work, he was forced to leave Russia in 2018. In 2019, he was granted international protection in the Republic of Ireland. He currently works as a social and cultural diversity consultant, collaborating with universities, and cultural and civil-society institutions. Shtorn’s writing has been published in academic journals, anthologies and new-media outlets in Russia, Spain, Germany, and Ireland. As an activist, he has been involved in human rights and LGBT advocacy for almost two decades. He is a co-founder of Queer Diaspora Ireland, an initative that supports LGBT people living in direct provision. In 2020, Shtorn was awarded GALAS Person of the Year by the National LGBT Federation of Ireland (NXF).